Are you thinking about your upcoming birth? Does pain worry you? Do you need concrete tools on how to have a good birth?

You must have heard many kinds of birth stories in your life. As a pregnant woman, they make you think about your own birth. How is it going to go? How can you stand the pain? What can you know and rely on when you give birth?

These are all common and natural worries and concerns. 


It is perfectly understandable that you would like to approach your birth with trust and not jump head-first into the unknown when the birth starts.  You probably don’t want to suffer when in labor and you may wonder what your own pain tolerance is. You want to feel good and relaxed throughout pregnancy.


A lot of things are told to us women about relaxation in labor but we are not really told how we could feel so good whilst giving birth that it would be possible for us to relax. 


And yet, it is totally possible and it is the key to all of the above questions. This is a skill that everyone can learn and which enables you to be in control of your own birth.

Birth has very little to do with pain tolerance. Neither is a good birthing possible for only those women who have a lot of willpower. Working with your own body is a skill which you can practice. The idea is to bring forth those powers which you already have inside you. Relaxation is good for all kinds of births and it often reduces the need for medication. When you are relaxed, your birth also typically progresses more easily and quickly. 

Think about the last time you were really relaxed.

The good feeling that comes when you can just be without trying to get anywhere. What was in your mind?


We can guess one thing: you experienced positive feelings.


And this is at the center of all birthing relaxation too.


Your mental state and the feelings you experience are the most important things in your birth.

18 years of 

experience of birth education

We have helped over 4000 families to get a good start with their new baby and the feedback has been really positive. Mothers have expressed that this is the missing link in getting “bits and pieces” together to create a genuinely good birthing experience. It is a relief to know exactly how you can affect your own birth and how to carry out this knowledge in practice.


Also, we have both been in your shoes. We know how meaningful birthing is and how much it takes, both physically and mentally. We have experienced how demanding birth can be and, on the other hand, how unbelievably amazing it can be. We also know that it is easier to travel this journey when you have good company. 


As we said, you can practice relaxation just as any other skill. However, when you give birth, this relaxation is something different from in your everyday life. Typically, when we relax, our bodies are calm and comfortable. When you give birth, you relax EVEN though there can be strong and unpredictable sensations in your body. 


For this purpose, we have created a training program, which guides you step by step on how to be in tune and help your body as it births your baby. This connection makes you more in charge of your own birth and reduces pain. It also helps you to work with any tensions and anxieties, thus aiding the birthing process.

Your body’s natural ability to birth through birthing relaxation

Our online course “Relaxed birth” is a holistic training package which covers the functioning of your mind and body. You will learn how to work together with your body and not against it.


Unfortunately, we are not taught the skills of how to cooperate with our birthing body and this often makes us fight against ourselves. Luckily these skills are there for everyone to learn and they are useful in all kinds of births - and also in pregnancy and parenthood as a whole. Connection to your own body and deep relaxation are for all women and our training is built just for this. 

The course covers:

  • What is known about the psychophysiology (mind-body connection) nowadays and how this information helps you in your birth
  • How feelings, visualizations and expectations directly affect the functioning of your uterus in birth and how to have a positive effect on these.
  • Techniques which help your body to work efficiently at birth. These help you to avoid unnecessary tension and anxiety which slow down birthing.
  • How to work with fears, worries, uncertainty or panic. 
  • How to cooperate with the hospital staff and midwives. 
  • How your companion can help you in this.
  • How to communicate your birth wishes clearly (and know what are realistic and good wishes in the first place).
  • What is good for your partner to know so that they can make your work easier at birth.
  • Breathing techniques for the different stages which help your cervix to open and your baby to descend in a gentler way.
  • How to utilize the power of your own mind at birth.
  • Many concrete techniques and relaxation recordings, which you can bring to the birth. Through the recordings you will learn to create relaxation - both during pregnancy and birth.
  • How to create a positive birthing cycle and how to deepen it. We also guide you through what to do if there are unpleasant events or if you start to become overwhelmed by your feelings.
  • How you can create the best possible birthing experience for you and your baby.

After completing the training, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself. You will gain clarity and support for the things you need. The practices will become like “second nature” to you. When it is time to birth, they will bring you comfort and security.


You will also understand why knowledge brings you feelings of safety at birth: What happens in your body during birth? Which hormones guide it and which ones hinder the birth? How can your companion affect your hormones? You will learn all this and what’s best - there is an extra part for your birthing partner so that they can be actively involved throughout the birthing process.

Your birthing partner brings you security and support, so it is good that they also understand the basics of birth relaxation. The course has its own module for them which brings you closer together and helps them to understand your birth process much better.

How is this different from all the other birth education classes?

The course is based on the hypnobirthing method, which helps the body function naturally during childbirth.

At the center of hypnobirthing is the knowledge of how wonderfully the mother’s body works when she is in a state of deep relaxation when she gives birth.

Paradoxically, this deep relaxation is a state which, on one hand, you instinctively know but, on the other hand, is easy to miss -  as we often hear in negative birth stories. In this course, we will teach you how to gain access to this ability. You will learn that in this deeply relaxed state, you are also fully aware and in control of what’s going on all the time.

We have taken the method to an even more practical level so that you can find the best help for yourself as easily as possible. We regularly attend births as doulas, so the course will give you great hands-on instructions.


We used these same tools and techniques in our own births successfully and so have thousands of our clients. 

“Thank you so much for the course! I don’t dare to think how the opening phase would have gone without the relaxation techniques. I am living proof of how amazingly well I managed the contractions for two days remaining relaxed and in good spirits”.

Emma, first baby

“I got a large number of tools for preparing for birth, relaxation and the trust in myself that I can manage things. I also believe that good mental preparation was the most important thing for my good birthing experience. The way I see it - giving birth is hard work, both physically and mentally, but you can make it significantly easier with your own attitude and things you do”.

Tuuli, second baby

“Thinking about my birth afterwards, the most amazing thing is that I was able to rest and even fall asleep between the surges. It was hugely important to be open, trusting, and without fear. The birth pain also felt like a natural “companion” even though in general I am not good at all with pain”.

Anna, first baby

The course is also very good for you if you have fears about birthing. We go through what happens, and in a clear way, tell you how you can affect the course of birthing yourself.


Many women who have fears benefit from talking about them with their health care provider. However, there are limited resources as to how to really go through what the mother can do to birth more easily. How to let go and let the body take the lead?

This is the essence of a good birthing experience.


The course content is in line with modern medicine: it is based on the body’s autonomic nervous system and how it creates both stress and relaxation responses. We help you to understand how to work in harmony with your own body. This is a central point in understanding birth. This training doesn’t exclude the use of medical pain relief, although it is likely to decrease the need for it. After the course it will be easier for you to receive help from your midwife. You will have a better understanding of how your birthing body works and what it needs. 

Your trainers on the course


jaana cowasji

Jaana is a mother of two children, she has a masters’ degree in Psychology, a teaching degree and is a qualified hypnosis instructor as well as a birthing instructor. She is one of the first Hypnobirthing instructors in Finland and has been training midwives and midwife students also.


Thanks to Jaana, the method has become increasingly well-known in Finland and many midwives have also been trained in it. This has been important for Jaana so that the hospital staff can better support relaxation during childbirth as well.


Jaana has the ability to make people feel good about themselves and capable of achieving what they want to -  it’s no wonder Jaana has been able to support hundreds of families in their preparation for birth.

Jenna moisala

Jenna is a mother of three, a maternity physiotherapist, a certified doula and a Hypnobirthing instructor. Developing childbirth education is Jenna’s passion, which is why she also trained as a breathwork therapist, solution-focused short-term therapist and a clinical hypnotherapist. 

In addition to her own births, Jenna has been a doula in more than fifty births, which have almost all been supported by the Relaxed birth course. So, the effects of the course are concretely familiar to her! As a doula, Jenna has seen just about all kinds of births, and this is reflected in the Relaxed birth course: The purpose is not to give birth in a certain way, but to support you no matter how your birth goes. Jenna has been actively involved in improving the birthing culture in Finland and she has also helped to create an online parenting course for the city of Helsinki.

The whole course is at yours upon purchase and you will get all the wonderful material to support you immediately.

You can take the course at any stage of your pregnancy, even in the last few days. However, the earlier you start, the more time you will have to enjoy all the relaxation materials and the more you will also benefit from it during your birth.


You can go through the course at your own pace, but you will still receive instructions on what kind of exercise routine usually works best.

You’ll get your course in a fully digital, easy-to-use format, and you can follow the instructions on your computer, tablet, or phone.


You will have full access to the course material for 9 months. In addition, the recordings of the course can be downloaded to your own device so that you can easily listen to them during the pregnancy and birth without needing to log in to the online course.


So, we warmly welcome you to join thousands of parents who have already taken the course to prepare for this important moment!

Don’t hesitate to invest in your own wellbeing at this special time. A good childbirth experience has been shown to have far-reaching positive effects on general wellbeing and on the life of the whole family.


See you on the course!


Your learning is supported by versatile audio instructions, relaxation recordings suitable for the entire pregnancy and downloadable for childbirth. You will also receive a recording for working with fears. The vast theoretical section will help you clearly understand your own birth.


 Right now you can get the course for a special opening price of only 39€! (normal price 59€)


Yes, my birth experience is important to me and I want to know how I can influence it myself!

Because we have years of experience in preparing mothers and their partners for childbirth, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this course. You have 14 days to familiarize yourself with the course and if you decide this is not suitable for you, for any reason, you will get your money back.

So, this is a risk-free investment in your own wellbeing. As we mentioned, childbirth often has many positive effects on overall wellbeing, here are a few:


  • When you are able to relax during childbirth, your body secretes large amounts of the love hormone oxytocin. This hormone is also involved in triggering breastfeeding and creates a strong bond between you and your baby.


  • After a good childbirth experience, you are less likely to get postpartum depression.


  • The birth experience is a big change for the baby too. By taking care of yourself, you make the birth a softer experience for your baby.


  • The birth of a child is a significant event in a relationship. If your partner has good ways to support you and make you feel better, your relationship can deepen and gain new strength.


  • The more relaxed you are at birth, the faster you will usually recover.


During labour, you have very  limited chances to learn any new skills. Birthing takes all your attention and changes your ability to think clearly. Adopting new instructions will actually slow down your birth, as it will reduce your ability to focus on your body and yourself.


Therefore, almost all the work you can do for your birth has to be done in advance! It’s also worthwhile because when you are more prepared and calm, this makes both your pregnancy and your birthing more comfortable. We promise that you will feel this way after taking the course or we will refund the course fee to you.


The course brought me a sense of peace and security for my approaching childbirth. It also helped to make preparation a joint project for me and my partner. In addition, Jenna is super caring and with her approach and personality creates trust in the mother’s inbuilt ability to give birth! :)

Krista Siljander

I had a difficult birth with my firstborn and wanted to learn ways to relax my body and dispel the fears for this second birth. For me, the absolute best things about the course were the relaxation recordings, all three (wave relaxation, affirmations and the bubble) and the breathing exercises. I listened to the recordings from mid-pregnancy and they helped me not only to relax but also to fall asleep countless times, which was quite a salvation, especially in late pregnancy! My second childbirth experience was very different from the first and despite the induction, everything went well. I feel that the recordings in particular were helpful in relaxing the body between contractions and in general the affirmations subconsciously created trust in childbirth even though the fears were strong. Thank you so much for the course, I would definitely recommend it to all pregnant women!

Anna, second baby, Helsinki

Yes, I want to give birth in a more relaxed way and feel more secure in my pregnancy. I want peace and confidence in my birth.

See you inside!

Jenna Moisala

Physiotherapist, Certified Doula, Breastfeeding Instructor (WHO), Hypnobirthing Instructor, Breathwork Therapist, Solution-Focused Short-Term Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Jaana Cowasji

Master of Psychology, Teacher, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Hypnosis Instructor

P.S. If you have any questions regarding Relaxed childbirth, please contact [email protected]